Friday, December 28, 2007

My moon my man....

Hi everyone,

I know it's been forever since I've written anything on here. I feel bad about that and I'm sorry. The last few months have been kinda crazy, both good and bad.
My aunt was diagnosed with cancer in September and passed away on the 20th of December. Today was her funeral. Losing a loved one really makes you question life and how quickly everything can change.
On the positive side, back in September as well, I met the most amazing man. He has truly been my rock. I'm just dying to tell him how I feel and say those 3 little words but am holding back and waiting for him to say it first. He makes me so happy. And not the fleeting, he's kinda good in the sack so I'll stick in there kind of happy like I've been in the past, but rather that deep down, knowing he'll be there for me if I ever need him and wanting to do anything so he'll know how special he is kind of happy.
It's been an odd couple years, lots of ups and downs. Lots of heartache and joys. I'm starting to see how everything fits together.
My sister pointed out an interesting thing to me the other day; she said "You realize if you hadn't been with Neil(The ex), you probably would have ended up with someone else and would have never met Andrew(The current)." Then also at the funeral today my aunt's pastor mentioned that she had said to him that she wondered if God made her sick so that her family could be closer. It was really sad but helped to put everything into perspective and helped me to see once again how everything happens for a reason.

So all in all there have been ups and downs, but when isn't there in this life?

Happy new year to all.
Kisses Ev

BTW, me and my man....

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Osbasso said...

My condolences regarding your aunt. It's been a tough year this year with the cancer shit...

But congrats on new love! You didn't mention if he's IS good in the sack or not... ;-)

Have a great 2008!!