Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well I guess I should update everyone after my last post. I did go home that night and take a test, and it was positive!!!!

So yeah, I'm expecting. Hip hip.

I've already had my first Dr's appointment, had what will probably be the first of many viles of blood drawn, uggg. And I still feel sick. :( Oh well.

So I thought I'd update.

I'll keep you all posted.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

15 dpo and counting

Well I'm officially 15 dpo, I haven't taken a test yet because I figured I'd wait it out until AF was actually late. So pretty much if she doesn't show up today I'll be testing in the morning. Talk about a stressful day. I've already ran to the bathroom about 6 times just to double check and every tummy twinge makes me think it's over.

I will say though, the only good thing about her showing would be that my bbs would no longer be sore and the nausea would go away.

I keep telling hubby everything I'm going through and he keeps insisting that he doesn't want to get his hopes up so he doesn't want to know.

I will say though my body sure does like to play tricks if I'm not preggo, here are my symptoms:

  • My bbs are killing me, not so much sore to the touch but I'm VERY aware that they're there.

  • I've thrown up or almost thrown up 3 times in the last week, but have been nauseated every day
  • I wake up tired everyday
  • I've started crying and getting upset at stupid things
  • One big thing is the lack of spotting and cramping yesterday, usually I get both the day before but not this month.
  • Oh and the heartburn and gas, ugggg, sorry TMI

  • I've been charting and it went VERY noticeably triphasic, (first time ever) See below. Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks. Cross your fingers for me.


Thursday, November 06, 2008


Hi everyone,

Well, I've decided to finally share this as it's causing me a lot of stress and maybe someone can offer advice to help.

Me and hubby have decided to start trying for a baby, we're only on the third cycle now but I'm already worrying that it might not happen. No real reason why, kinda just the way I am. Just like last year when I applied to get into a very exclusive post secondary design program. The program only accepts 50 people out of the hundreds of applications they get every year. I was so convinced I wasn't going to get in that I almost didn't go to my interview. Well low and behold, I got in, in the very first round. Needless to say I got offered a job I couldn't refuse at the same time but it was a giant complement to be accepted that readily. 

So this is kinda why I'm feeling the way I am. Yes I get that most people don't get preg for a few months, but it's an excruciating wait. I've even gone so far as to looking into how much fertility treatments cost. 

Also, to make maters worse, there is a woman I work quite closely with at work who's pregnant with twins, and she keeps bugging me saying the regular "When are you having kids?" "I bet you're pregnant already and aren't telling us" then the one that hurt the worst "We got pregnant on the very first try, I'm sure you will too". How do I tell her... Yeah, um we've been trying for a little while and nothing. 

I guess it's just my life for the next little while, taking my temperature everyday and crossing my fingers.

So any support anyone can give me would be much appreciated.