Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I've been saying this all along...

I recently found this and I totally agree. BTW I'm a Caramel Mocha Girl...

What Your Coffee Says about You

Espresso: There's no time like the present, and there's no time to waste! The espresso drinker has a dynamic mind, and always has 101 things on the go. Make that 102.

Black: The black drinker likes a simple, uncomplicated life. They are aware of the world around them and have no trouble forming opinions -- or letting you know about them!

Café Latte: Rest and relaxation are two very important things in the life of a latte drinker. They like to take time over major decisions, preferring to watch the world go by than rush into things.

Cappuccino: The cappuccino drinker is a reliable friend who's always there in times of need. They comfort, reassure and help put things in perspective when we lose sight of the big picture.

Café Mocha: Fans of the café mocha are sometimes indecisive. They love to indulge in life's small pleasures and don't like to compromise when it comes to their individuality.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Stole this from OS,

The rules are simple. Answer each question in three words. No more, no less.

1. Where is your cell phone? In my purse
2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Don’t have one
3. Hair? Blond, but red
4. Your mother? Sweet and loving
5. Your father? Gentle yet stern
6. Your favorite item(s)? Cellphone, ipod, minimac
7. Your dream last night? Tired, no dreams
8. Your favorite drink? Pitcher of belinis
9. Your dream guy/girl? My Mr Right
10. The room you are in? busy, noisy, home
11. Your fear? Nightime break in
12. What do you want to be in 10 years? Successful, power woman
13. Who did you hang out with last night? Best friend Rob
14. What are you not? Skinny, male, married
15. Are you in love? Once I was
16. One of your wish list items? Finding a man
17. What time is it? 8 o’clock PM
18. The last thing you did? Typed this post
19. What are you wearing? Boots, black pants
20. Your favorite book? George Orwell’s 1984
21. The last thing you ate? Pasta I made
22. Your life? Eager to start
23. Your mood? Pensive, optimistic, tired
24. Your friends? Loving, caring, supportive
25. What are you thinking about right now? Too much work
26. Your car? Old VW Jetta
27. What are you doing at this moment? Working, stressing, procrastinating
28. Your summer? Coming too slow
29. Your relationship status? Single and looking
30. What is on your TV screen? It’s not on
31. When is the last time you laughed? This last weekend
32. Last time you cried? When it ended
33. School? University of Calgary

Sunday, February 18, 2007


In life it's often said that timing is everything, you get lucky and get the job you wanted cause everything went just as planned the day of the interview. You were in that car accident cause 'had you only been one second later..."

My life was recently the victim of bad timing. On Wed night (yes valentines day) I met the most amazing man, we clicked on every level. Smart, funny, goals, there was even that elusive butterfly feeling. We talked for 4 hrs and decided that we should take this up the next night over drinks and dessert. That went famously and we sorta found ourselves making out like teenagers. Sounds great doesn't it. Perfect fairy tale. But here's where the bad timing comes in. Something from his past (not going into details as they're not mine to share) came up and we came to the conclusion that it's not a good time to bring someone new in. So that's the end of that, we talked for a little bit and realized that yeah we totally get each other just the timing really sucks. He thanked me for being so understanding, but I don't see how I could have been any other way, it wasn't his fault. We've all had bad breakups where the other person decides to mess things up for you just one last time months later. So for now we parted ways, I told him to give me a call when things settle down, but we'll have to wait and see.

Will the timing ever line up just right for me?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where things are...

Today was a little rough as I'm sure the next 2 weeks will be as well, yet somehow I kept a smile on my face the whole time... sorta.

Here's the deal, for those of you who don't know, I was supposed to be getting married in two weeks. The short version is it didn't work out. I'm better off without him and he's better off without me, so we parted ways. Those of you who know the real story and stood by me while it unfolded will say I'm being far too kind, but I'd rather look at it that way, it hurts a lot less to think we just weren't right for each other.

I'm not going to go on and on about how sad I am that it's not going to be my wedding day soon, cause I'm really not that upset about it. I've done my grieving and moved on. I just hate that look I keep getting from people when they remember what was supposed to be happening then I tell them it's not. I suppose I'm really partially to blame for that. When Neil and I ended it I changed EVERYTHING in my life, I moved, I changed jobs, I stopped talking to people I knew while he and I were together. Yes, it helped me feel a million times better, but now I guess I'm dealing with the aftermath.

You may be asking yourself why I can be as positive as I am. Well let me tell ya. It's cause I know that one of these days I'll get a break. I've put up with so much shit in the last three years that I'm bound to get lucky soon.

I've also met some really awesome people lately, I'm enjoying the new friendships and treasuring the few but wonderful old ones that despite my trying to change everything found a way to stay with me cause they saw something worth saving, for that I am forever thankful.

I love you all,

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My dating personal...

Well I've decided to try this, I'm currently single and looking, I'm not looking for a fling or a one nighter but rather a relationship... so please don't message me if you're just looking for sex. Well here goes:

I'm 26, I work for a non-profit doing communications, love my job, it's very rewarding. It's nice to go home and know you made a difference. Kinda sappy I know... Sometimes a girl needs to be a bit of a dork.

I'm a independent woman, I live alone with my two cats and enjoy my quiet time; that way nobody can complain when I sing along to the radio, but would like to find someone to have a few laughs with... singing is optional. lol

As far as what I'm looking for in a man, I like a man with a good sense of humor, intelligence, adventurous, confident, handsome, as well as many other qualities. Please send a picture, you get to see me, so it's only fair. Also I love the kind of guy who likes to wear khakis or jeans and a ball cap on the weekends but dresses nice mon- fri. (Only men between 28-35 please)

I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking and skiing as well as cuddled up watching a movie with a glass of wine. I'm willing to try anything once, I actually used to write in the Calgary Sun about all my adventures with new sports and such. So pretty much I've done everything from driving a rally car to fencing and learning to snowboard (That ended with me giggling in the snow after falling off the chair lift, lol). I can totally laugh at myself and like when others can laugh at themselves as well.
I'd really love to find a versatile guy who likes to spend time out as well as a quiet night at home.

Most important of all, if you can make me laugh and bring something to the conversation you've got my attention.

So drop me a line if your interested. (

Kisses. Evalee