Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost 10 weeks

Hi all,

Well I'm almost 10 weeks along, only 30 more to go. 
We're starting to tell people now, which is very exciting. Although we have to have some genetic testing done on the bambino to make sure it's developing as it should as unfortunately I carry a gene that could affect that. 
That part REALLY sucks. As right now I have this little person growing inside me and not until I have the tests done will I know if it'll be ok and if I'll actually be able to carry it to term. Oh well. As such I'm trying to not get TOO attached. Unfortunately however, my regular clothes are getting a little too snug and uncomfortable so today for the very first time I'm in maternity jeans. Much more comfortable, although I feel a bit like a fraud as my belly isn't big enough to be in these yet it's getting too big to be in regular clothes. oh well.

Well I should get back, I'm just cleaning the house. But I wish everyone a happy holiday season and I hope that everyone who is trying to get pregnant does.
Here's to a happy 2009.

Love E.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Almost 8 weeks

Well, last week we went for our very first ultrasound. The 'baby' measured in at 7 Weeks 1 day, so I was dead on with the dates. Despite my last period only being 6 weeks 4 days ago.

It looks a lot more like a little blob rather than a baby.

The funny thing is, and this shows that my husband is the eternal realist, it seems when people see the ultrasound they tend to do the 'aww, so cute' to which my husband always replies, 'it's just a blob, how can it be cute?'

Oh well, I love him anyway. LOL

The whole thing is still very surreal as yes, we saw the heartbeat, it was very strong for it's 7 weeks, but it's still odd to think I have this little person growing inside me. Oh well, I'm sure in few months when I start to feel it kick it'll feel more like I'm in on of the Alien movies. So I should probably just enjoy it while I can.

Friday, December 05, 2008

6 weeks down 34 to go

Well as of wednesday I am officicially 6 weeks pregnant.
It's been very wild. The morning sickness has gotten worse and become anytime of the day sickness, I'm ready for a nap by 2 pm. Along with many other delights.

The scaryest part is that no matter how many times you read that something is perfectly normal like light cramping, as long as it doesn't go along with bleeding or spotting, it's still very un-nerving. As such I have an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday afternoon. It'll be 7 weeks so we should be able to 'hear' the heartbeat, more like see it, and we should be able to see our little 'embie' (We've gone and nicknamed it Embie for now)

I am so scared of miscarrying that everytime I go to the bathroom I double check. I think it's a product of reading too many things online. As, yes it's a 15 -25% chance but it's an 75 - 85% chance everything will be fine. I think the biggest problem has to do with just how many people there are online. That even if something was to happen 1% of the time there is still thousands of people to create webpages and be in message boards to talk about it. I'm also scared to death that the ultrasound will reveal that there's no baby, just an empty sac, known as a blighted ovum, as this happens in 50% of all miscarriages. Yeah I know 50% of 15-25%, so 7.5 -12.5% of the time. I know I'm paranoid, but I'll know more after thursday. I promise if everything comes back normal on Thursday then I'm done over researching everything and am just going to enjoy my pregnancy, every cramp, and burp of it.

But for now, I'm crossing my fingers.