Wednesday, November 19, 2008

15 dpo and counting

Well I'm officially 15 dpo, I haven't taken a test yet because I figured I'd wait it out until AF was actually late. So pretty much if she doesn't show up today I'll be testing in the morning. Talk about a stressful day. I've already ran to the bathroom about 6 times just to double check and every tummy twinge makes me think it's over.

I will say though, the only good thing about her showing would be that my bbs would no longer be sore and the nausea would go away.

I keep telling hubby everything I'm going through and he keeps insisting that he doesn't want to get his hopes up so he doesn't want to know.

I will say though my body sure does like to play tricks if I'm not preggo, here are my symptoms:

  • My bbs are killing me, not so much sore to the touch but I'm VERY aware that they're there.

  • I've thrown up or almost thrown up 3 times in the last week, but have been nauseated every day
  • I wake up tired everyday
  • I've started crying and getting upset at stupid things
  • One big thing is the lack of spotting and cramping yesterday, usually I get both the day before but not this month.
  • Oh and the heartburn and gas, ugggg, sorry TMI

  • I've been charting and it went VERY noticeably triphasic, (first time ever) See below. Any insight would be appreciated.

Thanks. Cross your fingers for me.


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