Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Almost 14 weeks

Sorry, for not posting for the last little bit. Things have been a tad stressful.

See, on the 15th we had a CVS done on the baby. It's genetic test where they take a bit of the placenta and test the DNA for genetic disorders. This is unfortunately the big test for us. If it goes bad, then there is a serious problem with the baby.
So needless to say, I'm stressed out. I get that there's between a 14 - 25% chance that there's anything wrong and that's really low, but it's still a chance. As such, I've been very emotional and as an unfortunate side effect I've been resisting the urge to bond with the baby, just in case.

The worst part is that my sister in-law is also pregnant and she's 19 weeks, so everything is all fine and happy with them. I just really resent it, and I really hate going to see them right now knowing full well that there is a 14 - 25% chance that our baby will have a problem that will make it so that it won't survive.

So for the next week and a half we just wait for the results. Wait and cross our fingers. If anyone is reading this, can you please cross your fingers for us too. Maybe the more people hoping for us will help our case with the powers that be.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update as I was wondering if everything was alright when you went quiet. My thoughts are with you Evalee...my fingers are crossed that all is well with your little one! Hope the next week and a half FLIES by and ends with good news.

m_o_o_nspells (from the HNT days)