Friday, October 26, 2012

Really universe?

Two years ago today and tomorrow I was in the hospital having a D&C after losing our little boy. It was a two day procedure because of how far along I was. It was the hardest two days ever.

Today I feel like the universe is playing a cruel joke. All day I had a feeling that Something bad would happen to Maggie and on the way home Roo and her were in a car accident. It was really minor, nothing more than a fender bender.

The emotions came flooding back, the fragility of life and how hard it would be if I were to lose miss Maggie, it would be too much to bear.

I mentioned this to hubby and we decided maybe next year on this day we should just stay in bed and make the day go away, to which he of course joked that the house would probably burn down just because we wanted to avoid it.

So here's hoping tomorrow goes better than today and my heart can heal a little more everyday.

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