Monday, December 15, 2008

Almost 8 weeks

Well, last week we went for our very first ultrasound. The 'baby' measured in at 7 Weeks 1 day, so I was dead on with the dates. Despite my last period only being 6 weeks 4 days ago.

It looks a lot more like a little blob rather than a baby.

The funny thing is, and this shows that my husband is the eternal realist, it seems when people see the ultrasound they tend to do the 'aww, so cute' to which my husband always replies, 'it's just a blob, how can it be cute?'

Oh well, I love him anyway. LOL

The whole thing is still very surreal as yes, we saw the heartbeat, it was very strong for it's 7 weeks, but it's still odd to think I have this little person growing inside me. Oh well, I'm sure in few months when I start to feel it kick it'll feel more like I'm in on of the Alien movies. So I should probably just enjoy it while I can.

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