Sunday, December 28, 2008

Almost 10 weeks

Hi all,

Well I'm almost 10 weeks along, only 30 more to go. 
We're starting to tell people now, which is very exciting. Although we have to have some genetic testing done on the bambino to make sure it's developing as it should as unfortunately I carry a gene that could affect that. 
That part REALLY sucks. As right now I have this little person growing inside me and not until I have the tests done will I know if it'll be ok and if I'll actually be able to carry it to term. Oh well. As such I'm trying to not get TOO attached. Unfortunately however, my regular clothes are getting a little too snug and uncomfortable so today for the very first time I'm in maternity jeans. Much more comfortable, although I feel a bit like a fraud as my belly isn't big enough to be in these yet it's getting too big to be in regular clothes. oh well.

Well I should get back, I'm just cleaning the house. But I wish everyone a happy holiday season and I hope that everyone who is trying to get pregnant does.
Here's to a happy 2009.

Love E.

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