Monday, September 11, 2006

Dancing in the kitchen in the crisp autumn air

I just wanted to write a little note to mention how I've totally fallen for the music of Jack Johnson. It's so mellow and positive.
Makes me feel really good.
You can't help but smile when listening to one of his CDs.
It was someone very near and dear to my heart who introduced me to this very talented musician.
I now have memories of dancing around on the tile in the kitchen with all the windows open so the crisp air comes flowing in to "better together" by Jack Johnson

there's no combination of words
I could put on the back of a postcard
no song that i could sing
but i can try for your heart
our dreams and they are made out of real things
like a shoebox of photographs

with sepiatone loving
love is the answer
at least for most of the questions in my heart

like why are we here
and where do we go
and how come we're so hard
it's not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving
i'll tell you one thing its always better when we're together

its always better when we're together
we'll look at them stars when we're together

and all of these moments
just might find there way into my dreams tonight
but i know that they'll be gone
when the morning light sings
and brings new things
but tomorrow night you see
that theyll be gone too
too many things i have to do
but if all of these dreams might find their way
into my day to day scene
i'll be under the impression
i was somewhere in between
with only twojust me and you
not so many things we got to door places we got to be
we'll sit beneath the mango tree

i believe in memories
they look so
so pretty when i sleep
hey now, and when i wake up
you look so pretty sleeping next to me
but there is not enough time
and there is no song i could sing
and there is no combination of words i could say
but i will still tell you one thing
we're better together

Thank you for that memory C, you made me oh so happy.

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