Saturday, September 30, 2006

I did it!!!

Well, I did it.

I moved out.

Yesterday after another fight with Neil, I decided enough was enough and when he went to work I packed up all my things and the cats and moved out. It feels kinda strange. I still have a couple more boxes to get but I'm doing that on Monday. Don't worry I didn't leave anything I'd be heartbroken if I never saw it again.
I think the real clincher was when Neil told me the real reason he asked me to marry him, not because he loved me but to make someone jelous. Great eh? Oh well. On to bigger and better things.

I just wish I could find my ring, it mysteriously went missing the day before he broke it off. After all I was the one who paid for it, so I would like it back.

Other than all that things are going ok in my world, feels a little odd to not be around him but that'll get easyier. After all this way I don't have to deal with any of his gross habits (burping, farting, swearing, cigarette butts everywhere) hip hip.

So for those of you who keep coming back to check up on me, thank you. I am doing ok, everyday is a little better than the last.

Here's to brighter days ahead.
Kisses, Ev.


SN said...

very very very good for you.

Midwestern City Boy said...

Good for you! Don't fret about the ring. It would probably just remind you of a bad situation anyway. Tomorrow is another day. I hope its even better for you.

BTW: when are you going to change the profile picture in the side bar?

Anonymous said...

hey i've been reading your blog for a while now ... I usually don't comment but i just had to let you know how much of a PRICK i think *he* is. omg you poor thing, if i were you I'd rip his freaken nuts off and feed them to the cats! well not really though lol. I know you'vr probably heard this a million times over.... forget that fucker, your waaaay to good for him! he's a scum bag! keep ya head up girl, and on the bright side... you can now devote your time to finding a real man .

Anonymous said...

What an A** to want to make you jealous. Ten bucks he'll probably end up alone because whoever he wanted to make jealous has probably since moved on. Good for him he deserves it after all the shit he's put you through. The guy is immature anyway. Your way better off. GO GIRL!

Torn Shorts said...

Good for you...based on what I've read you're better off without the bastard. Now you need to train the cats to attack him on sight...LOL

barefoot_mistress said...

You ARE getting better everyday!
And may I say, I agree with anonymous. In fact, I will assist anonymous if you like.

Sounds like the jerk owes you for a ring.....