Saturday, September 30, 2006

A toast!

I've wanted to write something to one very special person in my life. He's helped me weather this rough storm and has made me laugh when all I could think to do was cry. Through scrabble and cappucinos he's always been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. So in a way well suited to him eventhough he doesn't like a lot of attention, here's a toast to you C.

Here's to someone who never turned their back on me,
to a man who would risk it all if he thought it would help,
someone who spent many a late night listening to my tearful woes, Yet never complained or asked me to stop.
I thought I'd lost you years ago, but fate has brought us back together and helped us firm up a friendship that will never end.
Through engagements and heatbreaks here's to a man who's never given up, may I be as good to you as you have been to me.
Here, here.

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Osbasso said...

Geez, I missed all this over the weekend. It's all left me somewhat speechless, and that's pretty hard to do. You certainly deserve better than all of this. Good for you on the quick move out. Too many would have hung around and endures the worst. I hope you forget him quickly.