Saturday, October 21, 2006

Something I hadn't expected

Hi everyone,

Well as life would have it I've come across something I'm not 100% sure how to deal with. Neil's friends have started calling me to see how I'm doing. I guess that's something that happens when they see us as a unit and more often than not they would see me as the one woman in their lives they could ask girl advice and flirt with without fear of getting smacked. I'm just really not sure what to say to them. I have yet to call anyone back, I prefer to let messages stack up until I know what to say.
- Do I start from the begining and tell them about the affair? After all there were some people who actually met this woman. (Just a little FYI, I will never say her name on her as she's a quite well known blogger, especially within the HNT circle and as much as I want to string her up by her toenails, she deserves more respect than for me to badmouth her on here)

- I guess the biggest question is, do I tell his guy friends the comment he made that made it so that I'd finally had enough? you know the 'I only proposed...' comment.

See I'm pretty sure his friends saw us the same way my friends saw us, so i'm worried that if I share all the crap that lead to our demise than he will lose all his friends and I don't want to do that to him. Afterall there are already enough people on my side who have said very clearly that they had better not run into him in a dark alley amd I'm not looking to recruit more.

So if anyone has any insight, let me know. My original play was to not have any contact with those who still have contact with him, but I'd never intended them to call me.

Let me know,

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Anonymous said...

Obviously they cared about you enough to call. So call them back but let them know you wish to keep what happened private and tell them your doing okay. On the other hand if you want to get revenge then tell them flat out what happened and if he loses his friends he deserves it. He deserves to be alone. Any man who cheats deserves to be alone. I have always been a believer of what goes around comes around. So it's your choice you can be nice or nasty. I would be nasty.