Sunday, October 22, 2006

Will it ever end?

I had an oh so lovely conversation with my ex today. (Yes, Neil I know you're reading this, as you made it very clear and you've been reading my blog and you think I've misrepresented you)

When will the fighting with him ever end?
I called him today and as always we got into a fight and called me petty and accused of cheating on him. For the record I have NEVER cheated on anyone, not even a kiss and have no intention of starting.
I've decided to swallow my pride and go pick up my $ and such that he owes me. It just bugs me so much that he would have the nerve to accuse me of going out and cheating on him. Especially with someone I only saw on a regular basis AFTER he broke it off with me, before that I only saw this guy for coffee once every 3 months or so, and that's all it was, coffee, and it was during work hours too, not even a chance to actually do anything. Needless to say he was very respectfull of me being in a relationship and wouldn't even think of crossing that line.

Yes, I'm still very angry at Neil, but not angry enough to do what he says I was doing.

It's actually kinda ironic, I had a long conversation the other night with a close friend's brother who is currently going through a divorce and from talking to him I've come to see that not being with Neil really is for the best, we were really in different places. To be quite blunt I prefered to go to a play and he prefered to go to a movie. Neither is better or worse than the other, just different.

I just wish all of this will end. I want to be done with it all.

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