Sunday, November 28, 2010

Concerts and Condo fees...

Hubby and I were finally able to go on a date last night, it had been far too long. I guess that's one of those things that happens when you're old and married. LOL We went to the John Butler concert. Oh my, it was so much fun. However, there where times when I did feel old, as the average age at the concert was about 21.
It was interesting because we've seen John Butler before but it was before we were married when we were just dating and I was living in my apartment just outside of the university campus, however the concert was in the same venue. So the whole night I kept remembering things that happened the last time we were there. What a blast from the past.

The concert was awesome. The opening act was really great too, someone I hadn't heard of before, so that was cool. It's always nice to hear new artists.

The whole night just helped me appreciate what a wonderful hubby and best friend I have and how great our marriage is. It's so nice to just have a date night.


For those of you who live in condo townhouses, especially ones with individual front doors had garages, do you ever feel odd just walking past the person working really hard shovelling your driveway?
I mean they're working up a sweat trying to get the snow and ice off of it and so you kinda feel bad, but on the other hand, it's their job and you pay good money to have them do the work. I came home for my lunch break and there was someone cleaning my driveway. I was grateful, especially since my car is usually parked on the driveway so they rarely get to the snow under it, and being as hubby took my vehicle to go pick up the munchkin from babysitting, they were finally able to get to it. So I said hello and went inside. They were gone when I left 20 minutes later but I wondered about the situation.
I guess I'm just one of those people. Just like when I lived alone and had a cleaning lady who would come in once every two weeks. It was fine when I was working in an office because I wasn't there to see her, I'd just leave the money and she had a key, but when I worked from home I always felt I had to go out when she was there, otherwise I'd feel like I needed to help her clean.
I wonder why we feel that way? Is it a sign of our empathy? The fact that we feel if we were in their situation we'd want the help or is a bit of misplaced guilt. The idea that we could be doing the job they are but aren't. On the other hand by not helping or doing the job ourselves we are providing for their livelihood. After all, when seeing a construction crew building your house, in most cases it wouldn't be wise to offer to help.


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