Sunday, November 21, 2010

A sigh of relief... Finally

This weekend has brought some respite for our little family.
On Friday night we got a tenant. It's one of my bosses. She was in the market for a new apartment to rent and I had happened to mention the place to my other boss and he called her immediately and after a few short days poof, we have a tenant. Giant relief for me, that's for sure. She moves in Jan 1st, so we'll see how that works for Christmas, but it's a little less stress.

Yesterday I went winter baby clothes shopping with my mother. It's surprising, well not really, how willing grandparents are to rush out and get clothes for their grandkids as soon as you mention that you might not be able to get the next size up and their pants are getting too short. So now we have a whole wardrobe for our little miss. On the upside she's one of those rare kids who wears the same size for at least 6 months. To put it in perspective, she's 17 months next week and just now starting to outgrow her 6-12 month clothes. If it was summer she'd be in them for a little longer as it's her arms and legs that are getting too long and so it wouldn't be nearly as noticeable in short sleeves and shorts. So now she has a whole bunch of new pants and sweaters and fleece, even a fancy new snowsuit. What a lucky little girl.

Well, I must be off to work. I work the early shift. I grumble about it, but really I'm done early and it goes by fast, so it's not too bad.


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