Monday, November 15, 2010

Unfortunate turn of events

Well, life has been a tad crazy as of late.

Just over two weeks ago at about 18 weeks we lost our little baby boy. It's been a tough time and we're taking it one day at a time. But we'll get through and we're starting to look to the future. So all will be well. It's been really nice already having a little one, as this way it's not hard to see people with babies or anything.

It also turns out that I've turned into the "Work Mom" at my part time job. See I've recently started to work evenings and weekends at a coffee shop and in the past couple weeks the other girls have started to come to me for advice, to act as their confidant, etc. It's really quite a compliment. Not to mention my boss has started to ask my opinion on things and talk to me to vent about things that only us over 23 yr olds get, ie Kids up all night, not being able to go out partying after work. We're really starting to develop a friendship.

On another note, it would seem I have a bit of a online follower, that, as far as I'm concerned, is starting to border on cyber stalking. I really hate when people feel the need to get involved/draw attention to other's lives and past choices when it really isn't their place. Yes, I have put stuff online, and yes I know that all can see what I put online. That is a choice I have made, with eyes wide open none the less. I know I make different choices than others, but that's the beauty of being an individual, I get to do what I want to do, not what someone else wants to do, and yes my hubby knows all about my past, we don't have any secrets, heck he was even a reader of my blog before we were married.
I'll just end this post with a quote from Bob Marley as I feel it says it all:

"Who are you to judge the life I live?
I know I'm not perfect
-and I don't live to be-
but before you start pointing fingers...
make sure your hands are clean!"
Bob Marley


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